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  • dzaraiah Jan 16
    Where is Ed, he's team leader for London right???
    It's the wrong way round, I am London, Ed is the South :)
    @Mell 😀 Right time to get started all over again!
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  • From: Bexley, United Kingdom
  • To: Bexley, United Kingdom
  • Start date: January 16, 2018
  • End date: December 31, 2018
  • Route distance: 675.0 miles
  • Total logged: 4,714.9 miles

Liaison Amani is dedicated to supporting the work of the Amani Children’s Home Charity in Tanzania. The aim of the charity is to take children off the streets and to give them an education, tackle any drug dependency issues and then, most importantly, re-unite them with their families.

Run the NHS aims to get Liaison staff, their friends, families and NHS clients taking part in a virtual race around the NHS. We’ve divided the NHS into regions - North, South, Scotland, Wales, London and Midlands - and have an extra race covering Singida in Tanzania where the Amani charity is based. We want to get people moving, competing between regions and having fun. Along the way, we hope to raise much needed funds for Liaison Amani. All sponsorship monies raised will be match funded by the Liaison Chairman, Bruce Thew.

Here are some of the things your fundraising could do to enrich the lives of street children in Tanzania:

£5 buys three meals per day for one child for a week.
£7 funds school books for one child for one year
£28 covers School uniform, shoes and school bag for one child for one year
£35 will provide medical costs for one child for one year
£70 is the cost of residential care for one child for a month
£210 is all that’s needed for one year of primary school for one child
£840 delivers full care for one child for a year

Run, walk or exercise anywhere you want. Then log activity and see yourself move on our map and leaderboards. Catch a Google Street View of your virtual locale, then cheer your real fellow racers!

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*Please only backdate mileage for a race up to two weeks in the past.
*Only mileage added before the race officially closes on December 31st at 23:59:59 EST will count in the race leaderboards.

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